Help me name a new project!

Hello there guys, gals, and non-binary pals!

I’m not sure where to begin with this, so I will go ahead and just spill it all, and hope that it makes sense to you.

For those who follow me only here and not on Facebook: I’ve recently come out as transgender. I’m a man. This is a necessary piece of information for what comes next.

Over the past couple of weeks (and years, really) I’ve found myself having to answer a lot of detailed questions about my life and my family situation, because people get extremely curious, since both my wife and myself are transgender, and our kids are our biological children. Answering one question always brings up twenty more, and I’ve found people get extremely interested because it’s something they haven’t encountered before.

And I’m happy to talk about it. My family are my favourite people in the world, and our story’s pretty amazing, so I talk about it. The good, obviously, there is so much of it, but the difficult too. The pregnancies. The flood. Our struggles with mental illness. Our transition. And how we fell in love with ourselves and each other through all that.

To make a long story short (too late, I know), I’ve decided to finally write a memoir. It will be a comic, in colour (WHAT! COLOUR!) which will ultimately be in print form but will also be a webcomic.

And this is where I need your help. I’m rubbish with titles. I’d like something that captures the transition and family/love aspects of it. Whether it’s here, on Facebook, or on Twitter, please bombard me with your suggestions!

I’ll leave you with the first page for inspiration and preview purposes.

One thought on “Help me name a new project!

  1. Congrats on the memoir idea, Caro! It’s great to get those personal stories out of the way and clear the creative juices! Title suggestion: “Lost and Found in Translation: One Family’s Transpirational Story”
    Have fun!

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