This blog is changing

Hello guys, gals, and non-binary pals,

As you may have noticed over the past two years, I haven’t been very good at maintaining this blog.

There are many reasons for that, not the least of which being my struggles with mental health, some of which I have discussed here. But I think the main reason is that I tend to box myself into rigid definitions and assign myself imaginary lists of what I can and can’t do, and I’ve fallen into this trap with this blog.

I started this site a few years ago when I was still teaching, and I was posting strictly writing tips and my thoughts on writing-related topics. When I stopped teaching, although writing is still very much part of my life, I wanted to post about other things, but I stopped myself from doing it, because of my own brain rigidity, and so I stopped posting at all.

And well, I want to start posting again, so I’m going to post what I like. I might still post about writing, and I’ll definitely post about books, but I’ll post more reviews. I’ll post some art, maybe some fiction, maybe some poetry. I’ll post about mental health (in general, not just mine). I’ll post about queer/trans/ace things; it’s quite possible that I’ll post about my own transition as well. I’ll post about crafts, maybe.

Don’t worry; things will still be massively book-related, because, as a writer, publisher, and person who works in a library, my whole life revolves around books. But I’m trying to give myself permission to be more flexible.

If you’re still following me after months and months of long silences and trying to figure myself out, thank you, friends.  I’ve been really lucky as I’ve hit bottom these past few months but I’ve found so many amazing people standing by me, and I hope we can continue on this journey together.

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