Interior layout / typesetting

A lot of people concentrate on the cover of their book, finding the perfect artist and fine-tuning it so that it reflects the story as much as possible and draws the reader in right away. To be fair, cover design is important; it is your reader’s first contact with your book.

However, the interior is just as important. A well-designed interior serves to make a reader’s experience with your book pleasant, but it also serves to set you apart from other self-published books, making for a sleek and professional package.

I can provide you with incredibly fast and affordable layout services for any of these:

– Novel

– Poetry book

– Children’s book

– Non-fiction book

– Textbook

– RPG manuals

– Instruction booklets

– Brochures

– Documents

– Mailers

– Training packages


Please contact me for rates and references.

Ebook formatting for KDP and Smashwords also available, and included with print formatting!

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booklet page 1 booklet page 8 card explanation

2 thoughts on “Interior layout / typesetting

    1. Hi there! I

      It really depends on the interior – do you have photos and images to integrate, do you need custom graphics, custom chapter dividers, tables of content, etc.? Usually, my base price is 200$ for the interior of a novel – that usually includes a custom chapter divider but no graphics or images apart from that. I also offer discounts if you’re also hiring me for a cover.
      Don’t hesitate to write me to request a quote if you have something more specific in mind!

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