Editing services

When you’re putting your work out in the world, one of the most important aspects by which readers will judge its professionalism is how well edited it was. It’s incredibly important to present a work that is well written, and as free of mistake and structurally sound as possible.

Copy editing

A basic spelling, punctuation and grammar check. No comment on style or content.


Line editing

Spelling and grammar, plus I check for things such as passive voice, paragraph structure, repetitions, etc. This edit looks at style and voice so that the prose is as tight as it can be.


Substantive / structural edit

My specialty! As above, but includes checks for character development, continuity and inconsistencies, info dumps, pace, dialogue authenticity, etc.


Sensitivity reading

I will read your novel to search for potentially harmful content. I can offer a sensitivity read for the following issues: LGBTQIA2P+, chronic pain, mental illness, polyamory, kink, and Canadian francophones. Please note that my qualification will be evaluated on a case by case basis, as no one has every experience in every single subset.


Please contact me for a quote on these jobs and client references. Prices depend on word count and turnaround time. These services are offered for both English and French texts.

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