Transgender day of remembrance

CW for transphobia, murder, suicide.
It’s transgender day of remembrance.
Today we remember our transgender siblings who have fallen to murder and suicide.
This year is the deadliest on record for the murder of transgender people, with transgender women of colour being at the highest risk.
But it isn’t just about murder; transgender people are at a disproportionate risk of suicide. Every single day of our lives, we are reminded in multiple ways that people think we’re abnormal. That people don’t think we deserve to be treated with respect, or kindness. That people think we don’t deserve to be in public spaces. That people think we deserve to be ridiculed, beaten, and killed.
Today, please spare a moment to think about transgender people. Not just today, but every day.
Think about how you may inadvertently hurt someone by using terms like “guys” and “ladies” and “girl” and “dude”.
Think about trying to never assume someone’s gender. Your words might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, or they may be the little light that gets us through another day, and it’s likely you won’t even know the difference they made.

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