Blood Relations

Blood_RelationsWho cares if they’re not normal? Neither am I.

Life has not been easy for Alex Winters since he used his pyrokinetic powers to take control of the Russian district. Violence and betrayal have become a way of life, but he’s somehow managed to keep the gangsters in line. At barely sixteen, he thinks he’s seen it all. He hasn’t. Things spiral out of control when the latest double cross takes a turn for the supernatural. The new group muscling in on his territory turns out to be a brutal gang of vampires. Can Alex defeat an enemy even more powerful than himself? Can he keep his people safe and his boss happy? Can Alex survive in a world that just keeps getting more dangerous?

Book 1 of the Family by Choice series.

Praise for Blood Relations:


“[Blood Relations] is an action packed adventure that will appeal to fans of fantasy, vampire stories and science fiction. (…) I suspect there will be many [fans of the series].”

          Alejandro Bustos, Apartment 613


“I took Blood Relations with me on my latest trip to read when I found time. I have taken books with me on trips before, but I never seem to find time to read them. I not only found time to read this one, but I finished it as well. It’s wonderfully written. Alex is a character who is very real and the reader can understand his background and his motives, whether you agree with them or not. This is a story with more layers than you would expect from yet another “vampire story”.

If you like a hard, gritty story and/or a supernatural tale with a lot of reality thrown in, you will enjoy Blood Relations.”

          Geeky Godmother reviews,

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