So here’s what I did on Tuesday in the series for How do you find the time?

As I’m doing this, it occurs to me that while a lot of people might learn very well by example only, it’s been my experience as a teacher that most people need a more fleshed out method presented to them. So at the end of this series of posts, I will make one post that gives you a full-fledged, self-diagnosing method for making the best schedule that works for you, that’s not just saying “write a schedule”. Hope it helps.

6:30 : wake up, do my son’s morning routine, spend some time with him, take out the dogs, eat breakfast.

7:30 : my son and my partner leave. Pick up around the house, take a shower, get dressed, pack my meals in my lunchbox.

8:30 : answer emails. Phone call from the city regarding my son’s swimming lessons. Read my newsletters.

9:00 : Do assigned work from the marketing meeting: look at conferences we’ll be attending, send out info for launch, research more possible events.

10:00 : give the dogs a walk, dogproof the kitchen for the puppy.

10:30 : Leave for work. Commute by bus; on the longest bus ride, write Monday post.

12:00 : Arrive at work. Eat lunch before my shift starts. While eating lunch, answer emails, organize documents for accounting.

12:30 : Start work. Too busy to take a break that afternoon.

4:00 : dinner break. While eating, upload post to both my pages. Make a few updates on my carolinefrechette.com site. Use remaining half hour to go pick up some groceries for home.

5:00 : back to work.

7:45 : break. Go on Facebook to manage my page a bit.

8:00 : back to work.

8:30 : get off work. Commute home. While on bus, read.

10:00 : get home. Eat a snack, take out the dogs.

10:15 : writing.

11:30 : bed.



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