Here is what I did on Monday, in relation to the post How do you find the time?

6:15 : wake up. Take shower, wake up my son, change him, have breakfast, make his diaper bag and my lunch for the day. Take out the dogs.

7:15 : leave the house. I have the car today. Drive my partner to work, my son to daycare.

9:00 : arrive at work.

10:30 : first break. Finish revising my friend’s guest posts for her blog tour, email her the posts. Answer a message on Facebook.

10:45 : back to work.

12:30 : lunch break. While eating, write my blog post, and then take my emails.

1:00 : back to work.

3:15 : second break. Post the blog post on both blogs. Read my newsletters, take my personal emails.

4:30 : off work. Go pick up my son from daycare.

5:30 : arrive at home. Make dinner, spend a bit of time with my family.

6:30 : marketing meeting with Renaissance for my upcoming release, Brothers In Arms. Thank goodness for Skype!

8:45 : end of the meeting. Finish cleaning the kitchen, take out the dogs.

9:00 : settle in my office. Continue revising my work in progress.

11:45 : bed time.

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