My Can-Con schedule

Hello folks! As you probably know, this weekend, I am headed to Can-Con, one of the best conventions in the Ottawa area! I will be at the Renaissance table on and off, but if you want to make sure to see me, here is my official schedule.


7 PM: On a panel: Ursula K. Le Guin, contributions and legacy

8 PM: On a panel: Challenging creative marriages: comic book writers and artists working together


10 AM: On a panel: Different ways to pitch a novel to a Publisher or Agent

1 PM: At the Renaissance table for an hour – if you want to get your book signed, this is the best time!!

2 PM: Doing a reading from Making a Living

5 PM: On a panel: Beyond the Coming Out Story: New queer narratives in speculative fiction


10 AM: On a panel: 40 creative choices that drive away audiences

1 PM: On a panel: The Diversification of the Comics industry


…whew, that’s a lot!! It’ll be a blast. Please make sure you come by and see me, and attend this fantastic convention!!

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