Indie love – a very sexy game

Hello everyone!

As promised, here I am back in the game. Today, I wanted to make it my priority to talk to you about a project that’s very dear to my heart both as a parent and a game aficionado. Some of you might have guessed I am talking about the game Blush by  local designer and all-around amazing person Jen Desmarais.

The game is a trivia style game with a voting element, for up to 10 players in the family version or up to 30 in the classroom version, and is meant to provoke discussion about sexual health between parents and their children. The game doesn’t touch on any opinions or values, just gives out facts, so that it is appropriate for people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

The game is currently being funded through a Kickstarter campaign, and it is almost there. There are only three days left, so definitely check it out as soon as you can! In full disclosure, it should be said that I have a vested interest in this game’s success too: I helped design the gameplay aspect of it, and I really really want to get a copy to have it for when my kids start to have questions, a moment which always comes way faster than you expect.

I’m not the only one enthusiastic about this game, either: the media has been talking about it a lot, with outlets ranging from this student magazine to CBC Radio One, including Metro Ottawa and Apartment 613.

All in all, I hope you take some time to support this awesome local indie project!


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