The end of a long silence

Hello everyone!

Due to personal issues, I have severely neglected this blog for the past few months. However, I am getting back to blogging. You can look forward to having a new post every week, which will fall under one of six categories:

  • Writing tips: As always before, there will always be discussions and tips centered around writing. This will include general time management, and, from time to time, mental health as it pertains to writing.
  • Indie love: At least once a month, I will feature an indie author and/or review an indie book, magazine, event, etc. I firmly believe that we are a community of writers, and that we should support each other. Plus, I have been exposed to way too much indie awesomeness these past few years not to pass it along.
  • Role-playing games: I have tried to integrate this as part of writing tips, but I think it should be separate. Here I will give tips for GMs and players, I will discuss systems, world-building, and may or may not talk about my ongoing games. It will sometimes relate to writing, as often the two overlap in my life, and some of my books have been inspired from or “test-driven” as tabletop role-playing games. I will also sometimes discuss my passion for board games, but this will be extremely occasional.
  • Book recommendations: As I have done sporadically in the past, I will continue to give some recommendations for good books about writing, but also good books in general, even when they are not indie, when they strike me as something exceptional.
  • News and updates: I will often post about what is going on with my production, not only to keep me accountable, but also to give you more insight into my process.
  • Graphic novels and illustrations: As I do more and more contract work for illustration and design, I have started to really get back into not only drawing, but also graphic novel production. I have a few projects underway (more on that later) and I will start giving tips about illustration and graphic novel design, but also recommending good works and talking about the medium in a broader sense.
  • Guest posts: This isn’t a category, really, so I didn’t include it in my “categories” but I would like to post more guest posts. If you would like to write about any of these topics, please send me an email by using the form here.

That’s it. I hope that the new format will please you, I know that it will keep me posting a lot more. I also hope I haven’t lost too many of you in my long absence.


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