Saturday and Sunday

This concludes our series of posts for the How do you find the time? post. I hope this was helpful. Tomorrow, as promised, I will be writing a detailed post about how to write up the best schedule for yourself.


6:15 get up. Get my son, dress him, change him. Make the bed, pick up everything on the second floor, shower, take out the dogs. Have breakfast with my son, while eating, type up post.

8:30 get a ride to work from my partner.

9:00 start work.

10:15 first break. Post blog post.

1:30 Lunch. Go pick up some groceries, then get back to eat. While eating, write.

2:30 Get back to work.

3:30 Break. While on break, help a friend with her essay for school.

5:00 Finish work. Get a ride from my partner. On the way, run some errands.

5:30 Get home. Make dinner. Spend some time with my family.

8:00 Put my son to bed.

8:30 Revision.

10:30 writing.

11:30 Bed.


6:15 get up. Get my son, dress him, change him. Eat breakfast. While eating, type post.

9:15 leave for my son’s swimming lesson.

9:40 start lesson.

10:30 get out of the sport center with my son. Head home.

10:45 get home. Take out dogs. Put my son down for a nap.

11:15: write.

12:15 My son gets up. Make lunch. Eat lunch with my family.

1:00 Go and shoot the trailer for Brothers In Arms. On the way back, stop for some errands.

5:00 get back home. make dinner. Spend some time with my family.

8:00 do my son’s bed time routine.

8:30 spend some alone time with my partner.

10:00 Revision.

12:00 Bed.


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