Thursday and Friday

Friday night, my dogs decided to fight on the couch, throwing my computer down and shattering my flash drive in the process. I lost my post for Thursday, and I didn’t have time to re-type it, so you’re having a two for one deal today for the How do you find the time? posts.

Thursday (I’m doing this from memory, there might be inaccuracies):

6:30 : get up, do my son’s morning routine, take a shower, take out the dogs, eat breakfast, prepare lunches.

7:30 leave for work. On the longest bus ride, type my post for Wednesday.

9:00 start work. No time for break this morning.

12:30 : lunch time. While eating, post Wednesday post on blog. Go on Facebook, then write for the last half hour.

1:30 back to work.

3:30 break. On break, post update on blog revealing the cover for my upcoming release, Brothers In Arms. In the last few minutes, finish getting my files ready for tonight.

3:45 back to work.

5:00 off work. Get a ride from work from my partner.

5:30 get home. Make dinner, spend a little time with my family.

6:30 critique group (we meet at my place).

10:15 end of critique group. Take out the dogs. Go on Facebook for a bit.

10:45 shut off Facebook. Do some revision.

11:45 Switch from revision to writing.

1:00 AM: go to bed. Can’t sleep because of severe allergies. Try running the shower and breathing the steam, try going to sleep in a different room. At 4:30, finally manage to sleep.


6:15 get up. Do my son’s morning routine, eat breakfast, take out the dogs.

8:00 my partner leaves with my son. Since I barely got any sleep, go back to bed for a nap.

10:00 get up (again). Take a shower, get dressed, start giving the house a deep clean to get it ready for the visit on Saturday (we’re trying to sell it, and it has been a mess since before the holidays).

12:00 take a break from cleaning to eat lunch. While on lunch, answer emails, go on Facebook.

12:45 get back to cleaning.

3:30 leave to go for an appointment at the bank.

4:30 end of appointment. Run some errands, including picking up my son at daycare.

6:30 get back home. Cook dinner, eat dinner, spend a little time with my family.

8:00 put my son to bed. My partner works the night shift so he’s already in bed. Unwind a little.

8:30 get back to cleaning, laundry.

11:00 finish cleaning AT LAST. Write post for Thurdsay. Start doing some revisions.

11:30 dogs break my flash drive, make my computer shut down. Lost last half hour of work. Start over, but just the revisions.

12:30 go to bed.





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