What I’m working on

An update on the projects I’m working on!

 Just released

Making a Living will be available to purchase starting from the Geek Market next weekend!

Nine Hats for One Head – how to manage your time efficiently when you are juggling several roles

Yes, I have decided to write a time management book! This will be useful for anyone who struggles to get everything they want done. I will be hard at work on it and hoping to release it in 2016.

Nothing Like Family

The prequel to the Family by choice series should be finished revisions before the end of 2016. Yes, this is the story of how Alex saved the kids from the brothel and ended up where he is in Blood Relations. This one should be out some time in 2017, though I’m not sure when (it depends on whether revisions go according to plan!) There MAY be one last book (which I had to tear out of the storyline for Blood Matters so it wasn’t too muddled) but it is likely to take a bit more time, as I will be m0ving on to other things temporarily. Don’t worry though! I will get back to it very soon!!


AN OUTLINE HAS BEEN DONE!! For those of you who have been asking… YES, this is the spin-off of which Erik and Jimmy are the main characters. That’s all I’m saying for now. Well that’s a lie: I’ll also say that I MAY get the first draft of this one done for NaNoWriMo… IF the final draft of Nothing line Family is ready by then. So you’ll have to wait a bit, but not too long. You can look forward to seeing it in 2017 if all goes well.

The Burdens of the Sons

Book 1: Hand of Emilicia

Fantasy! I have done one zillion billion drafts of this book and now it is finally looking like I am working on the very last one.

UPDATE: I think I will have to finish the other volumes of the trilogy before even thinking of submitting this one. I am on the 19th (and hopefully final) draft of book one, so it is not for tomorrow, or the day after.

Some Assembly Required

New Adult / LGBT, about the struggles of having a relationship with someone who suffers from a mental illness. Working on the eigth draft.

This had been done originally as a graphic novel, but I stopped after the first chapter was published, because the collection in which it was published ceased to exist. I have decided to finish it as a graphic novel, though, and even though it will take several years to finish (it is somewhere around 500 pages) I think it will be worth it. It feels really good to be doing graphic novels again; it takes forever, but it’s something I love doing.

If I am fast and diligent, I should have something to show around 2023.

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