Editing, Typesetting, Design and Illustration

he stares at me with his mouth hanging openWhen I was young, the internet wasn’t anywhere close to what it is today, and I struggled to find writing partners or help in developing my own skills. I had teachers who helped me a great deal, but I didn’t have the opportunity to find a lot of resources.

That is why it matters to me a great deal to help people get their ideas and books out in the world, in the most efficient and professional manner possible, so their chances at success are as high as they can be.

I offer a complete range of services – cover design, typesetting, editing, and coaching to help you manage your time better and get that book out. You can always contact me if you want to find out more about anything!

I started my career as a comic book author, and though I don’t make comics as often as I used to, since I concentrate on writing now, I still draw a lot, and do some design work.

Lately I’ve been getting back to my roots, and getting more and more work as a designer and illustrator, and I’ve decided to gather everything in one place.

I have been doing more design of book covers and I find it’s something I love doing. I’m really affordable and passionate about books (as you’ve likely figured out already). Find out more about my design work here.

I also do a lot of illustration. I’ve done some scenes from my books, both the ones in progress and the published ones, among all sorts of other illustrations. Take a look at my art here. (There are folders leading to different categories on the left-hand side, make sure to check those out!)

Finally, I am also running a webcomic. I’m using a graphic tablet to do it, and am not used to it yet, so this comic is in large part supposed to help me get used to it, but if you want to check it out, here it is.



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