Character Questionnaire

What is his or her name? Do they have nicknames, or alternative identities?

What do they do for a living?

Where do they live? (Country, city, type of home (apartment? House? Cardboard box?) Do they have other living arrangements, elsewhere? Who do they live with?

To what economic and social class do they belong?


  1. I.              Physical description

II.1 : General

Age? Gender (and gender identity?)

Are they tall? Short? Round? Skinny? Lean?

What is the color of their eyes? Hair? Do they dye their hair? What is their skin tone?

Do they have anything that stands out? A really large nose? Eyes that are weirdly close together? Ears that really stick out on either sides? A huge gap between their two front teeth? How do they feel about that?

Do they have tattoos? Scars? Piercings?

II.2 : Style

What kind of clothes do they wear? Do they wash them often? How important is appearance to them?

What kind of shoes do they like? Do they have one pair that will eventually die, or could they conceivably wear a different pair every day of the year?

Do they have jewelry? A lot, or always the same pieces? Do they have other accessories? (pocket watch, purse, cell phone, hat, etc.) If so, is it a question of style, or because they are practical, or because they are attached sentimentally to these things?

Do they wear make-up? A lot, or a little? Every day, or on special occasions?

Do they bite their nails? Do they care if their outfits match? What about their socks?

Would they change their clothes depending on where they go, or do they wear the same thing, no matter what?

II.3 : Health

Are they particularly gifted in one or more areas? Or particularly NOT gifted?

Right or left-handed? What does their voice sound like?

Are they generally in good shape? Could they run a marathon just like that? Do they take the stairs or the elevator?

Do they have any chronic illnesses? Disabilities? Allergies?

Do they smoke? Drink alcohol? How much? Do they consume drugs? Are they addicted to them? Have they tried to stop? Why?

Are they dependent on a medication for their continued good health?

  1. II.            Family, lovers and friends

In general, how do they treat people? How do they treat animals? Children? The elderly?

Who is the person that matters most to them, and why?

Who is the person they respect most, and why?

Who id the person they hate most, and why?

III.1 : Lovers

Do they have one or more current lovers? If so, what is their relationship with them?

How many ex-lovers do they have? What is their current relationship with them? Do they get along? Why did they break up?

Do they have a love interest that differs from their current lover(s)? What is their relationship with them? Why are they not with them, instead of their current lover(s)?

III.2 : Family

Who are/were their parents? What kind of relationship do they have with them?

Any brothers and sisters? What’s their relationship like?

Children? What is the relationship like?

Any other members of the family who have played a significant role (cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, others)?

III.3 : Others

Who are their friends? Where did they meet? Do they have a best friend? What’s their relationship like?

Do they have a roommate? Do they get along?

What about their colleagues? People they go to school with? Bosses? Ex-bosses? Professors? What about their neighbors? Do they talk to them?

Do they have someone that they consider a mentor?

If they were to die, who would find their body? Who would call the police if they went missing? Who would be sad? Happy? Worried? Affected in some other way?

  1. III.           Past

Date and place of birth.

Where did they grow up? Under what circumstances? What kind of child were they?

Where did they go to school? Did they like school? Did they do well? Did they get along with the other kids?

Who were their role-models?

What was their relationship with their family like?

What did they want to be when they grew up? Has it changed? What were their favorite activities as a child? Are they still the same?

Where, when, how and with whom did their first kiss happen? Their first sexual encounter? Their first love affair? Have they ever really been in love?

What do they consider being the most significant moment in their life? The most embarrassing? The scariest? What is their deepest regret? Their best accomplishment? What is the worst thing they’ve ever done?

What is their happiest memory? Their worst? Their very first?

Do they have a criminal record? Why?

  1. IV.          Psychology and personality

V.1 : General

What is their main motivation? Their main ambition? What do they see themselves doing in five years? What is their definition of success?

What do they want out of life, and what do they need? (they’re not the same!!)

Are they pessimistic or optimistic? Are they spontaneous, or would they rather always know where they’re going?

What is the thing that irritates them most? Are they introverted, or extraverted?

What is their best quality? Their worst flaw? What are they most afraid of? Do they have a lot of fears or anxieties? What makes them most happy? Sad? Angry?

What are their religious and political convictions? Their relationship with money?

Do they have prejudices? What offends them the most? What is, according to them, the worst thing that a human being could do? Would they be capable of killing? Why? What would they be willing to die for? What would they never be willing to do, no matter what?

How do they deal with stress? With crowds?

What is their attitude towards life? Towards death? Towards sex? Love? Marriage? Monogamy? Family? Children? Do they believe in love at first sight? In true love? What is their sexual orientation? What do they look for in a potential partner?

Are they honest with their thoughts and feelings, or more reserved or deceitful? Do they care what others think of them?

Do they have any particular mannerisms? Expressions? What is their skill level with language?

If they could choose, how would they die? What would they do on their last day of life?

Do they have any mental illnesses or disabilities?

V.2 : Education and other abilities

What is their highest level of education? How many degrees do they have? What did they major in? Did they receive any professional skills training? Where did they receive their degrees, or training? Why did they choose to study that?

Do they have any other trainings in particular? (e.g. martial arts, first aid, candy-making, etc.)

Are they well-read? Illiterate? Somewhere in between?

How many languages do they speak?

What are their hobbies? Any other activities that are not related to work?

What are they best at? What did they get picked last to do all their life?

V.3 : Favorites and most hated things? Write both!

Food – drink – activity – sport – alcohol – music – books – fine arts – animal – color – entertainment – season – holiday – weather – clothing – place – humor – personal possession – way to spend a Saturday night – place to shop – anything else you can think of!!

What three words would THEY use to describe themselves?

What three words would the people that know them use to describe them?

If you could give them a piece of advice, what would it be?


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