SpAN Interview with Caro Fréchette

Check out this interview I did for Spoonie Authors Network concerning my recent book Some Assembly Required. Please take a look!

Spoonie Authors Network

Your humble SpAN Editor here. Over the next several weeks I have the privilege of interviewing the talented authors and contributors of the Spoonie Authors Network. Please read and share these posts to promote and encourage these amazing people. We spoonies need each other! Thank you for following us!

This week, I asked author and sequential artist Caro Fréchette to speak about their graphic novel, Some Assembly Required, now available at Renaissance book press and Amazon. Grab a cup of something and read more about this incredible human.


(Please note that responses to my questions are only minimally edited, to preserve the integrity of the author’s answers.)

You just recently published a graphic novel of your web comic, Some Assembly Required. Can you tell us a bit about it and what inspired you to create this comic?

Some Assembly Required has a really long history. Louis actually was a character…

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