Three new releases, and other awesome things

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to share with you three new releases of mine!

unblocked kindle coverThe first one will be of interest to the people who have been following this post for the advice I give in it, and have been prompting me to gather it all up in one place. This isn’t exactly that, because I’ve noticed that it would take MUCH more than one book to do it, but it’s a beginning: an entire book on how to beat writer’s block, expanded from one of my most popular posts.

What this book proposes is more than a formula, or a jumble of random advice and ideas of what’s worked in the past for some people: what it is is a tool intended to help you diagnose the precise cause of your block, and advice on what to do with this specific cause. If you’ve ever felt blocked, at any point in your story, this book is for you!

It is available as a paperback or an ebook from amazon. 

Second is something really different for me: I have ventured off of writing to the path ofextrahumansmaking games. As you may or may not know, tabletop games are a passion of mine, and I have always dreamed of making my own! That dream has just come true with the release of a cooperative card game based on my novels! I have done almost all the art on the game, and you can take a peek at some of that art right here! The game is available from Renaissance.

bm kindle coverLast but not least, Blood Matters, the fourth volume in my paranormal suspense series Family by Choice is now available! Just in time for Halloween, this one returns to the horror roots of the series with a slow-paced, very psychological haunted house theme. I hope you enjoy it!

I will be launching all of these at a GREAT event! In just under two weeks, myself and three other authors are holding a release day party at the Royal Oak at 161 Laurier Avenue East in Ottawa, on Sunday the 25th of October from 1-4. Please join all of us, this will be a fantastic afternoon!


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